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We have 2 official roles after the referee that we need in matches.

When you are in the role of an official you must ensure fair play is adhered to at all times and offer no favour or bias to players or teams. BE NEUTRAL.

You will not interfere in play, physically or verbally and/or make any attempt to influence the game in any way outside of the prescribed role. 

All officials should wear a high vis bib of a different colour to any team’s substitues.

Here’s what is required of the role.


The linesperson RUNS THE LINE. This means you move up and down the line tracking the ball and play.

You will observe the play and will signal to the referee when the BALL crosses the sideline. A player in control of the ball who touches or crosses the line is NOT out of play, only the ball must be across the line for a sideline ball.

You can signal the team who have won the ball by pointing the flag in the direction that the attacking ball should be kicked.


The Umpire’s primary responsibility is to signal a point or goal to the referee.

Umprie’s should be positioned behind the goals and on either side of the uprights to give you both accurate views of the uprights, the angle of the ball as it travels over the bar, and to ensure accuracy of points called.

If the ball crosses the goal line under the bar then you will raise the GREEN flag and point it at the ground inside the goal to highlight that a goal has been won.

If the ball passes over the bar and BETWEEN the uprights then you will raise the white flag and wave it to signal a point has been won.

If the ball travels OVER or THROUGH the upright this is considered a wide ball and this is the reason it is incredibly important to be properly positioned for observation.

When a ball goes over one umpire should retrieve or arrange for retrieval of the ball. The Other may supply the keeper with a replacement ball.

If there is only one UMPIRE stand in the middle, directly behind the goals and do your best.

Just one final point!

All officials may signal to the referee that you wish to confer and impart information or details on an infraction should it occur and indeed are expected to do so when the ball is in play and your viewpoint is clear.

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