Due to Covid and the difficulties with that which mean we cannot plan effectively for the future we can only set dates, offer friendly games within the restrictions and keep a score of 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw, up until December.

After December we will decide if the games played should be closed out and a winner declared and the format changed or continued on through January to its conclusion in April.  

Otherwise, we will change the format to suit the local rules and regulations at the time.

The focus should be to try and play fun but competitive football which is SAFE for all parties involved.

Teams are to be flexible and helpful and understanding in light of the seriousness of the current situation. 

Referees will be players or club members and at ALL TIMES will be treated respectfully in the games. No shouting at them as this is also a dangerous practice according to the current science.

Play fair all.

  • Games will be 7 aside, 9 aside, or 11 aside.
  • The team with the least number of players will dictate the format.
  • On 7s and 9s no mark will be played.
  • On 7s, the ball can only be scored into the goal (3 points) or fisted over the bar for 1 point.
  • The passback rule will not be applied in 7s.

Pitch sizes
7-a-side  – Cross pitch of a 5 aside soccer pitch
9-a-side – form the edge of each penalty box
11-a-side – full size football or rugby pitch