The Format for the 2022 – 23 Season is detailed below.

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All substitutes will wear bibs and swap the bib with the exiting player

All officials will wear uniform (but distinctive) bibs to the teams and substitutes

Each club will provide 3 officials for matches. The preference should be attendees at the event who are not participating in matches but in the case they are not available then non starting players will be required.

1 Linesman, 1 Umprie for the home side and 1 for the away side and their names will be submitted in advance to the CCC and all teams (ladies officiate men and men officiate ladies).

All officials will have read this overview of their responsibilities and the role – Click Here for the Details.

These rules are in place to help keep games running smoothly and to give the referee proper support in matches.

Andalucia Gaelic Football Format 2022/23

The CCC has established the format for the 2022/23 season in Andalucia after having consulted with the CCC members and it has been agreed that the below is the best way forward for both the competitive format, consistent games for as many players as possible, and for club development.

The format will be 7 aside tournaments for both men and ladies.

There will be 4 tournaments, with the last tournament having been played and fulfilled by Saturday, March the 4th as required by the Iberia County Board.

Tournaments will be held in each of the 4 locations below.
*Dates to be confirmed and published on


October 15th – Marbella (Host – Costa Gaels)
November 19th – Gibraltar (Host – Gibraltar Gaels)
October 28th – Caceres Irish Fleadh – Exhibition Tournament
February 11th – Seville (Host – Eire Og Sevilla)
March 4th – Lisbon (Host – Lisbon Celtiberos GAA)

Points will be awarded to each team based on the tournament results following the standard GGE format:

All competing clubs are required to attend at least 3 of the above-ratified events (including the home tournament) and non-attendance will result in a sanction by way of points deduction to their overall score.

*This means that the 3 best results for each club will be counted to ensure fairness for all clubs across all competitions.

Pitch Dimensions

The pitches, goals, and rules will be clearly defined and stated on

All referees must adhere to these rules STRICTLY!

Tournament Guidelines

The tournaments will be formatted to fit the available pitch time and will be adapted to ensure maximum game time on the day for as many players as possible.

Clubs are encouraged to communicate with each other to arrange extra games if they wish and invite other teams to visit and play in any format (7/9/11) throughout the year outside of the calendar dates.

Clubs must register all players as normal on the Servasport system.

Clubs with a larger panel (eg – 15+) can and indeed are encouraged to split their squads into 2 teams or more where possible and establish them on Servasport with unique identities (the system can facilitate this) to produce team sheets for each event.

Lending Players – Lending players to other teams
Rule of thumb is to always lend the payers who need or who havent had as much game time as other players to ensure they are getting exposure and fun in the events.

Internal squad “lending” – if a club has an odd number of players (eg squad 1 has 7 players – squad 2 has 5) follow the rule of thumb and nominate the 2 players who need more game time to support the squad with less players.

Clubs in development, with less than 7 players are encouraged to join and play in the tournaments.

In the event that any club has less than 7 players at an event then opposing teams will lend players to fill the panel and are encouraged to use players with less experience or who are new to give them more game time in the sport of fair play and to give all teams a level of equality.

Qualification / Winners and Runners Up

The winners of the 4 tournaments will proceed to the Iberian Cup Final and the runners up will travel to the Iberian Shield in April (date to be established).

The teams will travel with a panel predominantly made up of their club players but can transfer 2 players from each other club to make up a full squad.

Clubs supplying players will submit a list of available players by March 11th for selection and confirmation and will essentially travel as “Andalucia” under their own club name and colours.

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