This year the CCC have created a format that is both competative and encourages the growth and development of new clubs with the ultimate aim of “raising the bar” and offering more games and more of what we all want:

Fun, friendship, competition, development and stability! 

11 aside league:

3 Blitzes plus 4 single league games.

Each blitz has two 30 minute matches which will be considered league games.

All league games are:

Win 2 points
Draw 1 point
Loss 0 points


In between each league game at the blitz there will be 7s football for all development teams, playing on a tournament basis, with 1st, 2nd, 3rd place etc.

This means new clubs need only 7 players to compete and need only commit and focus on 3 dates (the blitz events) to gain points.

Points are allocated as per the European County Board tournament guide. 25pts – 1st, 20pts – 2nd, 16pts – 3rd etc.

On single league game dates (Senior league), any team can take advantage of the event and play a friendly game against rivals, either hosts, visitors or an amalgamated team.

GAA Mens League


Andalucian Senior Championship
    ASC CUP for Winners  
Andalucian Intermediate Championship
Marbella 7s A Malaga 7’s D    
Gibraltar 7’s B Manilva 7’s E    
Sevilla 7’s C Granada 7’s F
Any team who visits can play in 7’s
Book pitch 10:30 Full Game Time        
AIC 11:00 20 7’s AvB  
AIC 11:25 20 7’s DvE  
AIC 11:50 20 7’s AvC  
ASC 12:15 30
Senior A v Senior B
  2pts for win
AIC 12:40 20 7’s DvF  
AIC 13:05 20 7’s BvA  
AIC 13:30 20 7’s CvE  
ASC 13:55 30
Senior B v Senior C
  2pts for win
AIC 14:20 15 7’s 5th & 6th Playoff  
AIC 14:40 20 7’s SF  
AIC 15:05 20 7’s SF  
ASC 15:10 30
Senior C v Senior A
  2pts for win
AIC 15:30 15 7’s 3rd & 4th Playoff  
AIC 15:55 20 7’s Final  



  Blitz 1 5th oct        
  Blitz 2 Jan 25th        
  Blitz 3 March 7th        
  Final in April          
  Marb A A v B Win 2 points  
  Gib B A v C Draw 1 point  
  Sev C B v A Loss 0 points  
      B vC
      C v A      
      C v B      
  7’s Blitz Points          
  1st 20
As per GGE Guide
  2nd 18        
  3rd 16        
  4th 14        
  1 red 1 game ban        
  2 yellow sent off, no ban        
swapped for a sub (no ban on next game)
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