Costa Gaels

The Costa Gaels are an Irish Football club based in Marbella. It has been in existence since 2002 on the Costa Del Sol and currently consists off and has consisted off a healthy range of players from all over Ireland. Its not exclusively Irish though.



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We love having new people interested in the sport and who want to give it a go!

No matter what their skill level and nationality and over the years we have had players from  Argentina, America, Australia, (No, I’m not intentionally doing the list alphabetically) Spain (of course), South Africa, Croatia, England, Cyprus and even one fella from Ballymoney, so as you can see, we will take anyone. If you feel like giving it a try please contact us!


The tenacious Costa Gaels have a fast paced game, work rate and passion that clubs struggle to cope with on the field, ensuring they never give up and can never be under estimated.

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