Nov 26, 2021

We follow the rules as established by our governing body, Gaelic Games Europe (GGE).

However on occasion we must include by-laws specific to our region. These will be listed and detailed here and are implemented and maintained by the Andalucian CCC (Competitions Control Committee).

Match Abandoned (Due to Weather)

If a game is delayed due to bad or extreme weather conditions the referee may halt play.

If play is stopped the wait will be a maximum of 10 minutes whereby the referee will reassess the grounds and conditions and decide where play may proceed or not.

If longer than this 10 minute period the game will be abandoned and referred to the CCC for ruling with the time played, scores, infractions, and observations submitted via the Match Report.

A game that has passed the 40th minute (40 minutes and 1 second) means the match will be considered complete and no replay will be permitted.

The team with the higher score at the time of abandonment will be deemed the winner once confirmed by the CCC.

A draw will be considered a draw.

In the event of a final or league decider, a replay must be rescheduled if the above criteria cannot be met and this will be ruled on by the CCC based on the reality of the situation and both teams involved will be expected to make every effort to adhere to this ruling.

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