Andalucia 7's Tournament




The CCC have established the format for the 2022/23 season in Andalucia after having consulted with the CCC members and it has been agreed that the below is the best way forward for both the competitive format, consistent games for as many players as possible and for club development.

The format will be 7/9 aside tournaments for both men and ladies.


11am Throw In

Group Stage


Gibraltar Gaels

Costa Gaels Men & Ladies

Eire Og Sevilla Mens & Ladies

Lisbon GAA Mens & Ladies


Games Schedule

– Men

Group stage – Round Robin – 10 min games (5 min half)

2 Win
1 Draw
0 Loss


After scores are calculated.

5th place is a straight knock out
3rd and 4th highest scores play off  – 15 Min Game (7.5 min half) 
Highest score and 2nd highest score play a final  – 15 Min Game (7.5 min half) 

Game and Format


Match Time

Matches will be played across the pitch with appropriate goals on either end.

  • Matches will be 12min per half in the group stages
  • Matches will be 15min per half in the Semi-final and Final
  • Winners will gain 2 points for a win
  • A draw will award 1 point


  • Unlimited substitutions are allowed.
  • Substitutes must enter from the technical area (half-way line).
  • Double substitutions are permitted.
  • Substitutions may be made at any time without notifying referee providing the oncoming/departing player makes no attempt to play the ball or interfere with play. (Penalty: free to opposition).


  • Cautions – First offence
  • Players receiving a Yellow card are “sin-binned” for 3 mins and cannot be replaced for that time period.
  • Players receiving a Red card cannot be replaced & are banned for the remainder of the existing game and the following game.
  • Players receiving a Black Card are “sin-binned” for duration of game BUT sin-binned player can be replaced.

Results, Extra Time and Deciders

In the event of teams finishing on level points on the group league table, the “head-to-head” result of the match between them (if applicable) will decide on who is placed highest.

If no such result exists aggregate highest scores for and against will decide (e.g. one goal is equal to one score and three points are equal to three scores for the purpose of arriving at an aggregate).

In the event of a draw in the semi-final stages, the game will then be decided on sudden death penalties, where only the first kick shall count (i.e. no rebounds etc). Penalties shall be taken 11m from goals.

In the event of a drawn final, extra time of five minutes each way will be played. If at the end of this period the teams are still on equal scores, play will continue until one team scores.


Playing Rules

*Rules (Standard GAA rules apply except for the following and can be subject to change before the event).

Kick Outs

All kick-outs to be taken from the small square – not 13m line. The ball may be rolling or stationary but must be struck
from the ground within the small square.

All players other than the kicker must be 13m away from the kicker or not interfering with play.

*Penalty: if the defender is within 13m at the time of kick-out free will be awarded to the opposition from the position where the offense occurred or 13m line as appropriate
– If the attacker commits the foul, then a free out is awarded from where the offense occurred.

The passback rule will apply in 7’s tournament (players may NOT pass back to the keeper after the kickout).


  • A free will allow for the scoring of a point.
  • The player who has been awarded the foul must take the free (unless injured, they must then be substituted immediately).

Sideline ball

  • Kicked in a normal but is indirect and no score can be taken.


  • The mark will not apply in 7 aside.

Carrying the Ball

  • Full and normal rules will apply.


  • Full and normal rules will apply.


  • The 45 will be taken from the ground and will be ten meters from the goal on the opposing side of the pitch half. Points can be scored from a 45.

Penalty Kicks

  • Full and normal rules will apply.

Scoring (Goals and Points)

Aside from the points that can be kicked from a free (see above) :-

  • Points can only be scored by a hand pass over the bar and in the oppositions half.
  • Goals are allowed from any position on the pitch (provided they are legal under the rules).
  • The ball can be fisted into the net as per normal rules.
  • Points can be scored from a Free.

No Returning Ball

Once a team enters the oppositions half the ball cannot be played back into their own half of the field.
*penalty: throw ball on half-way line at the point the halfway line was crossed and must be 1 meter from the sideline.

Pitch Dimensions

Pitch dimensions will be detailed below.

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